Siempre Viva

Siempre Viva’s vibrant textiles combine Mexican culture with modern style. The socially responsible clothing line creates economic opportunity by empowering women through employment and preserving ancient traditions. This gives artisans the chance to lift their families out of poverty. Siempre Viva works with artisans from various indigenous areas in such as Suchitlan, Colima, and San Cristobal de… Continue reading Siempre Viva

Meet Someone New Monday: Anita

You can find this beautiful lady, Anita, lighting up the room with her smile at various vendor fairs with Chai Wallah. Chai Wallah is a social enterprise which employs women who have experienced homelessness to produce and sell chai in the Nashville area. Anita is one of Chai Wallah’s passionate employees. If you met Anita… Continue reading Meet Someone New Monday: Anita

Anxious, but Courageous

In honor of the last day of Mental Illness Awareness Week, I wanted to reshare my write-up about my struggle with anxiety and Wear Your Label. I hope that by sharing my struggles, others are able to relate and know they are not alone. Read now: Also, today is the last day to use… Continue reading Anxious, but Courageous