Cambio Market


HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY! Check out this groovy card from the lovely Cambio Market.

Cambio Market is a wonderful online shop to buy fun and ethically sourced goods. Jérôme and Gelaine work hard to find products with a positive impact.

After traveling to the Philippines, Jérôme and Gelaine were inspired by the social enterprise communities they experienced abroad. They wanted to take part in expanding the social enterprise market in Canada and the U.S., so they started Cambio Market, “Cambio” meaning change in Spanish. Owners Jérôme and Gelaine are on a mission to change the mindset of shoppers. They want people to be aware that there is a person behind every product. They carefully select items to feature in their market including home goods, greeting cards, jewelry, and other accessories.

Jérôme and Gelaine sent me this ‘punny’ card from Cambio Market! I love it! This card is high quality and made with recycled, fair trade materials. It brought a smile to my face. The “Good Paper” cards that are sold at Cambio Market are not only eco-friendly and fair trade, but are also crafted by survivors of human trafficking. I will definitely be ordering more greeting cards and a piece of jewelry from Cambio Market soon. There are so many fun items to choose from!

I love that Cambio Market goods tell a story. Jérôme and Gelaine are doing a great job creating an outlet for people to find ethical products. Check out their wonderful products using the link below.

Cambio Market:


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